Persona Legal Resources, LLC offers over 30 years of combined expertise in the legal staffing industry, dedicated to providing contract attorneys and paralegals for:

E-Discovery and Document Reviews

Document review staffing is the most comprehensive and customizable service available from Persona Legal Resources, LLC. Identifying and hiring the top talent for all positions including Project Management, Team Leads, Review Attorneys, E-Discovery Personnel and Paralegals are among the company’s strongest attributes. Persona Legal Resources, LLC’s candidates have extensive experience in the training and use of most e-discovery software platforms. In addition to providing on-site document review teams of any size, Persona Legal Resources, LLC is also in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art document review center to be located in Downtown Houston.

Up to Eight Hours of Non-billable Training for Employees Assigned to Document Reviews

Contract attorney and paralegal instruction is one of the most important components in the document review process. Persona Legal Resources, LLC provides up to eight hours of project specific training, at no charge to the client, for each review team member. This client benefit is just another way Persona Legal Resources, LLC demonstrates a commitment to providing a quality cost effective solution.

Specialized Assignments

Persona Legal Resources, LLC also offers alternative legal staffing options to law firms and corporate legal departments at hourly based rates. Whether clients need to staff projects requiring specific legal expertise or assistance with a demanding workload, Persona Legal Resources, LLC can provide the solution.

For more information on how Persona Legal Resources, LLC can provide your organization with flexible staffing solutions, please call 713.224.2100 or email [email protected].